Treatment for Hyperhidrosis


Treatment for excessive sweating...

When you live in Australia (and especially Queensland) perspiration, and excessive sweating can be a problem.

But what if you sweat when it’s cool? Or despite the air-conditioning? Excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis) affects many people but can be particularly embarrassing for those in the public eye such as presenters, teachers, waiters or waitresses and dancers… in fact, anyone that has to appear in public and suffers from profuse sweating will benefit from anti-sweat treatments.

There is a simple solution for hyperhidrosis, and surprisingly it involves tiny little injections with the same product as we use to soften wrinkles. By injecting tiny amounts just below the surface of the skin, we block the nerve impulse from the brain reaching the sweat glands in that area.

This means that the message sent by the brain to the sweat gland is halted. In effect your brain is saying “sweat…it’s hot!” but the sweat glands literally can’t hear the message.

Of course, the treatment should only be used on select areas of the body as sweating has a purpose (to cool you down), but we can relieve your worst problem areas easily.

The most common areas treated are under the arms, but it is also possible to treat the face, under the breasts, the back of your neck and so on. The technique is tolerable, and usually, an ice block is all that is required to keep the area comfortable. The benefits are usually seen within a few days with up to 6 months sweat-free in the treatment area, gradually returning over the following 3 months.

Over recent years we have seen this treatment increase in popularity for wedding parties. Brides, Grooms and guests see treatment as a way of staying dry throughout the ceremony, photos and reception party but many men seek this treatment to avoid embarrassing wet armpits in the office.

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