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It is no longer taboo to discuss Menopausal and Mature Skin, and this is something we have been treating for over 20 years!


It is no longer taboo to discuss Menopausal and Mature Skin, and we have been treating it for over twenty five years! The fact is, it hits us all at some point, and while it's not fun, we do have plenty of products and treatments that can help ease your ageing skin woes. 

You may have seen some hype about "ageing gracefully" and letting nature take its course. Actress Helen Mirren has been quite vocal about ageing gracefully, but let's not forget that at 78, she doesn't exactly look her age—probably due to some hefty skin maintenance over the years!

Whether you have menopausal skin or not, it needs feeding—just like the rest of your body. When you use skincare that feeds you from the outside in, menopausal skin often results in dry, rough, flaky, or itchy skin.

Additionally, your hyaluronic acid levels significantly drop (from age 25 onwards but more drastically at menopause!), making skin slower to heal and its ability to retain moisture – which is the reason your skin can start to feel and look older from the start of the pre / peri menopause.

Certain nutrients in foods can create positive chemical reactions that can help minimise hot flashes or insomnia. In contrast, others could improve your mood, beat tiredness, and even improve dry, dull, flaky, and sagging skin. In the same way, active ingredients in skincare can all assist in maintaining and improving your general skin health, and in-clinic treatments can assist in collagen renewal, which makes firmer skin to plump up lines and wrinkles. There is so much more we can do to lighten, brighten, firm and tone

At the same time, in-clinic treatments can stimulate cell renewal and encourage collagen and elastin growth. 
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Homecare is 70% of your results, so ensure you use only effective ingredients on your skin. ISSADA Clinical Formula was developed in this clinic and has been rigourously tested for result-driven outcomes.

ISSADA Skincare Products for Mature Skin

- Daily Gentle Cleanser                      - Replenishing Daily Moisturiser
- Active Anti-Ageing Serum                - 1% Retinol + HA Serum 
- Overnight Hydrating Masque                                   


Dehydration is the enemy of mature skin causing lines and wrinkles to look worse, and making your complexion look dull and lack-lustre.

ISSADA Mineral complexion products suitable for mature skin

- Canvas Mineral Makeup Primer 
- Mineral CC8 Cream
- Mineral Heal & Conceal
- Mineral Baked Powder Blush
- Mineral Cream Lipsticks


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