Laser Hair Removal is the ultimate solution for achieving long-lasting smooth and hair-free skin and is popular with both men and women. We have been providing laser hair removal services for over 16 years and have thousands of happy customers. 

Laser hair removal permanently reduces unwanted hair growth, eliminating the need for frequent shaving or waxing. Its precision allows for selective hair removal while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Laser hair removal also saves time and money in the long run by reducing the dependence on temporary hair removal methods and has a few unexpected added benefits! People often find laser hair removal can reduce sweating in some treatment areas because hairs trap heat. It is therefore especially popular with men who work in mines, car garages and other hot workplaces.

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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal is our most requested treatment for men! The most popular areas are Chest, back and stomach but we can also laser beards, shape beards and treat all unwanted hair. Other popular treatments for men are Microdermabrasion and treatments for acne!

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Most popular treatments for women are underarms, bikini area /Brazilian and legs, but we can laser anywhere that you have hair!

Typically, laser hair removal will be over 90% successful with clients needing occasional maintenance treatments for stray hairs. Age, hormones and a few other factors play their part. 

Can I have Laser Hair Removal?

As long as your skin is darker in colour than your skin then you will be a good candidate. We cannot treat white or grey hair as the laser targets the colour in your hair.

Teenagers are becoming more and more enthusiastic about laser hair removal. We typically treat from age 14 with parental consent.

Many clients find that there are so many treatment options available, they are unsure of which treatment is right for them.
This is why we offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation to ensure that you receive the best personal advice for optimal results.
After all, not all treatments or products are suitable for every client.
Let our professional, qualified team guide you on your treatment choices, with medical-grade equipment, services and products. 

that are highly effective and backed by science.  

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We Treat:

Acne Scarring
Ageing Skin
Broken or Dilated Capillaries Blackheads
Bunny Lines
Crows Feet
Dehydrated Skin
Double Chin 
Downturned Mouth


Dry Skin
Excessive Sweating
Excessive or Unwanted Hair
Facial Volume Loss
Fat Deposits
Gummy Smile
Jawline Jowls
Lax Skin Lines and Wrinkles Loose Skin Loss of Volume


Marionette Lines
Open Pores
Redness and Rosacea
Rough Skin
Shaving Rash


Smile Lines
Smokers Lips
Solar Keratosis
Spider Veins
Spots Sun Damage
Stretch Marks
Teeth Grinding
Thinning or Uneven Lips
Under-Eye Bags
White Heads