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Whether you are new to aesthetic treatments or have lots of experience, we value the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your goals. The weather, medications, products you use, and your age can all affect your skin health and aesthetic goals, so we hold your hand all the way through life's changes. At our Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic, every treatment, product and technology we offer is backed by science and really works. However, not every treatment is suitable for every client, so our consultation process is highly important to us and to your outcomes.

During the consultation, our aim is to get to know you and to completely understand your aesthetic concerns. This means we can give you the best possible recommendations to achieve optimal results. We will ask about any medications that you are currently taking, any health concerns that you may have or have had previously, and any previous treatments and their outcomes. We will also discuss your commitment to a home care regimen as this is important to sustaining your results.

At the end of the consultation, we will provide you with all the possible options for treatment and the costs of each. In this way, we can find treatments that suit not only your timeline but your budget too.

Observ Skin Analysis System

 We use the Observ skin analysing not only to diagnose and confirm your skin concerns but also to track and measure your progress. Our clients love to see their before and after photos and we are happy to take new photos at any time.


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Many clients find that there are so many treatment options available, they are unsure of which treatment is right for them.
This is why we offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation to ensure that you receive the best personal advice for an optimal result.
After all, not all treatments or products are suitable for every client.
Let our professional, qualified team guide you on your treatment choices, with medical-grade equipment, services and products that are highly effective and backed by science.  

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