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CHANGING MEN'S PRIORITIES ... One face at a time!

 In 2007 when I first bought the clinic, it was not common for men to come to the clinic - men accounted for only around 6% of our clients in those days and typically they would be looking for treatments for acne and acne scarring but rarely for anti-ageing treatments or injectables. 

In those days, aesthetic treatments were still "secret women's business" spoken about rarely and denied vigorously! As the "taboo" began to diminish, we started to see more men in the clinic but now they were enquiring about a wider range of treatments. Sometimes they were referred by their partners or wives but often their sudden interest in our services was fuelled by some form of a crisis.  Sometimes it was that they were passed over for promotion in favour of younger-looking men, or they had recently become newly single, divorced or widowed.

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At some point I wrote a fun blog about how my husband looked so grumpy that he frightened our children, and we gave him a 120-unit anti-wrinkle treatment to his face. We obliterated his frown, his scowl and even the wrinkles on his nose that emerged when he looked displeased! The kids noticed - saying “Dad looks happy now” so we knew the treatment was working. Soon after that blog I was approached by a father at the school to ask what we could do for him, and he was so happy with a few simple treatments that reciprocated by sending several of his buddy's along too. 

What I thought was going to be just a little blog started a whole new level of interest in the subject and we started to see more and more men come through the door who were genuinely interested in preserving their looks through treatments and good skincare.

 One day I got a flat tyre on my way to work, and a scary-looking man with a Zee Zee Top style beard stopped to help.  He asked me what my number plate meant (back then I had OZSKIN plates on my car) and I explained what we did at the clinic. He asked me if I could help him with his acne but after explaining that he would need to shave the beard off first, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “That won't happen then” and we both went on our way. 

Several months later he walked into the clinic cleanly shaven asking for "the woman with the OZSKIN number plate!" I didn’t recognise him at first. Without his beard he looked a good 10 years younger, but he had been using the beard to hide quite severe acne scarring and unfortunately continuing acne as well as a few ingrown hairs. He fully committed to the process of treating his acne and scaring and realising that his beard was contributing to his breakout problem he remained clean shaven. Its those life changing moments that make this a great industry to be in but not all cases are so dramatic - we are here for everyone.

 15 years ago, most men, when asked how they take care of their skin and appearance, would most likely have laughed and announced that was “woman’s stuff!” - but oh how the world has changed! 

Fast forward to 2023, and the response is much different. Taboo male treatments have been embraced by men with more and more utilising the wide range of treatments available to them.  Put simply, it is no longer just women’s stuff!!

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Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal is a fast, effective and affordable.  Full body hair removal is getting more and more common for men (and women too) and because removing hair helps to cool the body down. We find that tradies, miners, chefs and others that work in heat are the most interested in this treatment.


Anti-wrinkle treatments 

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to reduce dynamic facial lines (those caused by facial expression). In men the most common treatment areas are the frown​​ (glabella) forehead lines, and crow's feet (squint lines). All of this help to create a more relaxed looking face. This is popular for salesmen and those that work with the public. Anti-wrinkle dosage will vary according to the results you would like. In my own treatments I end to go lightly around the eyes as I still like to see some movement around my eyes.

Dermal Fillers 

Dermal fillers are becoming more and more popular for men but need a skilled injector to ensure that we don't feminise the face (unless that is the look you are after). Dermal fillers are typically used to strengthen the jaw and chin line and reduce jowls. We are seeing more people ask to have the corners of their mouth turned up a little - a simple but important treatment for a common complaint which is that “My wife thinks I am grumpy when I am not!”.

 Anti-Sweat Injections 

Anti-sweat injections are able to stop/reduce severe sweating (hyperhidrosis).  Men (and women) often choose this treatment to stop what they feel is embarrassing underarm sweating.  For some this is a career saver (think here salesmen in hot cars, service staff in restaurants, teachers and presenters and anyone in he public eye! Some sports enthusiastic also prefer to have fresh pits! 

This treatment generally prevents sweating in the treatment area for a good 6 months with sweating returning slowly over the following 3 months.


Microdermabrasion is a treatment which exfoliates the dull and dead surfaces of the skin.  It is an effective treatment to boost collagen, reduce fine lines and also acne breakouts. Our Ultimate Anti-Ageing Microdermabrasion incorporates tailored peels to address multiple skin concerns too,  

Fractional Radio Frequency (Fractional RF) 

Fractional RF incorporates dermal needling (sometimes called dermal stamping) with RF technology. The combination of controlled trauma through fine needles and heat targets acne scarring, redness, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles.  It helps to stimulate collagen renewal, tighten the skin and combat anti-aging and works extremely effectively alternating with microdermabrasion treatments. We also see a huge improvement in cystic acne because the heat shrinks the oil gland and results in less oil production.


Laser Rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation covers a variety of laser treatments which are tailored to target specific concerns ranging from facial veins, facial redness, acne scarring and uneven skin texture. It can also assist with open pores and acne.

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