We hear all the talk about anti-ageing from so many different sources that it actually gets quite confusing!

So what exactly is anti-ageing all about?

Is it about Food? Supplements? Hormones? Exercise? Treatments?

Well, the truth is, all the above have some role to play in anti-ageing and every single one of us has varying needs, concerns, and preferred anti-ageing strategies. If you are reading this blog then it’s fairly certain that you have already decided that aesthetic treatments have a part to play in your anti-ageing regimen. However, let’s cover some of the others too, as a combination approach will always provide the best results.

is it Food?

There is no doubt that we are a product of what we eat.

Wholesome nutritional food is the building block of our bodies and without good food, we will not thrive. Similarly, (the right) foods contain lots of anti-oxidants and nutrients that prolong our health – not only of our body and joints but our organs too.

The skin is our largest organ and has high demands for our nutritional intake – including plenty of fresh water – to maintain its health.In fact, our skin comprises of around 64% water which explains why dehydration shows in our complexion very quickly.

Surprisingly, 60% of the whole human adult body, is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs about 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%.

This means that one of the simplest and easiest things we can do to prolong the health of our body is to ensure we have an adequate intake of fresh water daily.

(Later we will explain how a specific aesthetic treatment will further enhance the results of drinking water too).

is it Supplements?

A balanced and varied diet will sustain your body health, but we all know that with modern food production techniques, stressed schedules, too many convenience and fast foods, mean that many of us eat a compromised diet.

Supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals are therefore an easy way of improving our nutritional intake.

is it Hormones?

Our bodies are programmed to produce the right hormones at the right time.

Growth hormones when we are children, stress hormones to help with survival needs, reproductive hormones to ensure the survival of our species and so on. Hormones also play a large part in skin health – especially in women and depending on our health, diet, and lifestyle, the time at which these hormones start to decline varies from person to person.

Menopause is, of course, a major part of visible ageing in women. During menopause, our body dramatically reduces the amount of collagen that it produces. This causes a loss of fatty tissue under the skin, and our skin’s elasticity also declines.

Combined with dryness – also caused by hormonal changes – this can cause sagging (especially around the neck, jawline, and cheeks) and of course all of this increase’s lines and wrinkles.

is it Exercise?

Exercise is essential to ensure the mobility of your joints and keep the movement of the body flowing.

Desk workers will often find their hip and lower back joints become stiff over time while those that undertake close up craft or production work may find their shoulders hunch.

Similarly, people that are in their feet all day may develop varicose veins, and feet and leg problems. It’s is important to increase mobility, to reduce the effects of ageing of joints, strengthen muscles and to prolong your flexibility. 

is it Aesthetic Treatments?

Aesthetic treatments are very much targeted at specific rather than general concerns.

These will include skin and tissue appearance and skin health both facially and, on the body, too.Aesthetic treatments provide tailored results so in much the same way as a personal trainer would develop a tailored body contour for you by selecting the right muscle groups – we can tailor your treatments to address specific ageing concerns.

The efficacy of aesthetic treatments and the ultimate outcome (excuse the pun) will depend on a number of things including whether you smoke, your health, medications you may take, your age and numerous individual biological factors.

So before deciding which treatments are for you, it is essential that your aesthetic practitioner has a good understanding of your lifestyle and general health.

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