So, you’re looking into skin tightening treatments but don’t know where to start? Check out our guide to HIFU & other effective skin tightening treatments.


HIFU (High Intense Focused Ultrasound) is the ultimate non-invasive skin tightening treatment for the face and body - penetrating at a deeper level than most procedures. The ultrasound waves penetrate the SMAS layer, skin that sits just above the bone structure and is made up of dense collagen and elastin fibres - connecting the facial muscle with the Dermis (top) layer.

The energy created from the ultrasound creates controlled thermal damage to the tissues, in turn inducing tightening and a wound healing response which stimulates collagen and elastin production to the SMAS layer. Instead of cutting the SMAS, as a surgeon would target during a facelift procedure, it instead creates a controlled trauma in a very uniform and precise manner.

Because the treatment is so deep in the skin, there are fewer pain receptors, meaning the treatment is carried out without local numbing and is very tolerable. There's no downtime, it's a walk-in walk-out procedure and it’s an annual or bi-annual treatment. Some will see modest results soon after, but the final effects will be seen at the 6-months mark post-treatment (new collagen formation takes 2-6 months at this depth).


Fractional RF (Radio Frequency) is a dual treatment of needling and radiofrequency. RF is a treatment can be used on all areas of the body and also effectively treats active acne, acne scarring and stretch marks.

RF creates a controlled rise in temperature delivered to the dermis (0.5 - 1.5mm depth) through a high-frequency current and dermal needles. The body recognises this as a controlled trauma and starts its wound repair response stimulating the fibroblast cells, and collagen and elastin production which in turn tightens existing collagen fibres.

This appears on the visible skin as reduced fine lines, tightening, the reduction of enlarged pores, and a smoother and better tone to the skin.


Micro-needling is a treatment that uses needles to puncture the skin to cause a controlled trauma to induce the wound repair response. In turn, this helps to remodel collagen and elastin in the skin and lifts tissue through collagen induction.

By encouraging the skin to repair itself, micro-needling can also decrease signs of scarring, rosacea, open pores, as well as improve uneven skin texture.


Fraxel Dual (1550/1927) laser treatment targets aging and sun-damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into your skin to expedite your body’s remodelling of collagen.

Since the laser treats only a fraction of tissue at a time, it leaves the surrounding tissue intact, which promotes very rapid healing. Dual Fraxel treatment resurfaces your skin by stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells from the inside out.

As well as rejuvenation and tightening Fraxel also benefits acne scars, surgical scars, age spots/sunspots (pigmented lesions), Melasma (irregular patches of brown skin on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and nose) and Actinic Keratoses (precancerous lesions).


When considering skin tightening treatments, it's important to first look at the different layers and depths of your skin. It’s not always enough to just tighten the fine lines and wrinkles on the surface as it is the deeper structures that provide lift and support.

All skin tightening treatments in some way cause controlled trauma to the skin and it is this which stimulates your body to produce collagen and elastin to repair itself. In turn, this is what creates the tightened skin.

At Ultimate Skin and Body, we advocate combination treatments to address the different layers. The most popular combinations are HIFU plus Fractional RF, Micro-needling or Fraxel.

The modality will be chosen according to a client’s skin concerns in addition to tightening. The two treatments combined treat both the upper level of the skin (working on fine lines and wrinkles) and the deeper SMAS layer (creating a lifting and tightening of deeper tissues). Combined, they provide the optimum result for clients and both treatments can be carried out on the same day. 

At Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic, we have treated thousands of patients and are recognised as a leader in laser treatment. For an initial consultation to discuss your skin, please contact us on 07 5509 0081 or book online.

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