If you feel you have “sensitive skin” and that no matter what you do, you cannot get rid of your spots and bumps, you may be suffering some of the sneaky causes of irritation that often go undiagnosed.

Consider you hair (yes really!). You may be using the best of skin care – we recommend Issada Skincare - but many hair styling products can cause irritation to the face.

Yes - fringes or loose hair around the face can transfer hairspray, mouse, oils and other products to your skin causing irritation, rashes or acne. Think about when you lay in bed at night, where is your cheek? – often in direct contact with your hair.

Many styling products contain alcohol, which can be drying and irritating or can cause skin reactions. Be sure to change your pillowcase regularly as bacteria can be transferred around your face. Always use a clean towel and face cloth every day for the same reasons.

Make-up is one of the more obvious culprits causing ‘bad skin’ – especially if it contains talc or oils which could be clogging your pores and doing you more harm than good. Mineral makeup is generally the best makeup for acne prone and sensitive skin.

When did you last clean your make-up brushes? Think about it, all those oils and bacteria multiplying in the warmth of your bathroom or bedroom and being re-applied to your face daily.

If you work in an office with shared telephones, make sure you clean the phone every day. Even mobile phones can accumulate significant dirt and bacteria as they bounce around your pocket of handbag. They are also handled frequently – and all those germs go onto your face when you use it. Switch to a hand free or be sure to also clean your phone often.

Finally, jewellery is often a cause of irritation either as sensitivity to the metals or from bacteria or friction. Inexpensive earrings containing impurities such as tin can cause rashes on the side of your face near your ears but even good quality jewellery can accumulate bacteria and germs.

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