Is The Heat & Sweat Getting You Down?



 It's hard to avoid sweating when you live in a tropical environment and almost all Queenslanders will have moments when the sweat gets just too much!

 Manual workers commonly turn to us to assist with their sweat problems and our clients range from tradies to miners but also teachers, trainers, sports players, and anyone who works in the public eye.


 We are fortunate to be able to offer anti-sweat injections which involve the tiniest little amounts of anti-wrinkle treatments just below the skin which is where the sweat glands sit. Anti-wrinkle treatments are more well-known for reducing crow's feet and other line-causing dynamic facial movements. They do this by blocking messages from the brain to the relevant tiny facial muscles. Then when the brain shouts "Hey the sun is shining, squint!" the muscles don’t hear it. Similarly, when we use anti-wrinkle for sweating, the brain is shouting "Hey it's hot sweat" but the sweat glands don’t get the message.

 The good news is that these treatments can last up to 9 months. Typically, we see 6 months with no sweating in the treatment area and a gradual return over the next three months.


For some people, sweating can be a real problem even when it's cool weather and many of these people find that it affects their work or social lives because their sweating is always out of control.  If you have ever and that embarrassing moment when you raise your arm and realise that your shirt is soaking wet around the armpit, then imagine that for some people this is a problem every single day. This condition is called Hyperhidrosis (extreme sweating).

 Hyperhidrosis can also be caused through stress and anxiety, for example, when public speaking, giving a presentation for work or even just meeting new people. Even a first date may be all that’s needed to stimulate those sweat glands into overdrive.


Of course, sweating is also an important part of the body's cooling system so we can't shut every sweat gland down. We can however safely target one or two problem areas and our most common requests are for under the arm, the back of the neck, and under the breast (a lifesaver for some well-endowed women)

Whatever the cause, a soggy shirt is uncomfortable at best and certainly not the best way to make a first impression.  Did you know that it takes 7 personal encounters to reverse the very first impression someone makes about you? So you could be remembered as the man (or woman) with sweaty armpits for way longer than those armpits were wet. 

 Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating and typically affects hands, feet, armpits, and head but treatment takes only 30 minutes, and as the injections are very shallow it is a relatively comfortable treatment too.

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