At Ultimate Skin and Body Clinic we believe that not only International Women’s Day but every day, should be about celebrating, supporting and empowering all the women around us. In celebration of International Women’s Day this year we invited 3 of our amazing guests to enjoy a Luminess Facial, followed by Issada Mineral Makeup application and asked them to share about their background and life lessons. Let us introduce you to each of them.


Up until 4 years ago, Amber managed a busy tax consultancy, a position that was highly stressful. Then, came a dreadful car accident that completely changed her life. Amber’s son was on life support with a brain injury and it was not known if he would survive his injuries. Her son now lives with brain damage and with little support Amber manages his life and care, and continuously researches developments in the world of brain injury, so that she can request or suggest treatment for her son.

What advice would you give based on your experience? Life is so short. We have no idea what’s around the corner… I am never going to live my life like I did pre-accident, doing a job that I hated, that stressed me out and impacted my life so much. On reflection, I would advise anyone setting out (my own daughter included) to find a career you can love. We need money to pay the bills, but is it all worth it if you are earning the big bucks but have no life with your family, friends and loved ones or for yourself? One thing I find really hard is meeting new people and being asked “what do you do for work?” I really struggle to answer that, as though I do have a son who needs full time care, I am also more than that and I feel that we all need to stop judging people by the position they hold. There has to be a better opening question – lets change the chat… I feel that most people are more interesting than the job they do.

How can women support each other? We, as women also need to have more empathy for other women, to be less judgemental of the choices an individual has made when we haven’t walked in their shoes. We don’t know if a childhood of poverty has driven them to be a career woman or a childhood of not having a relationship with their parents has led them to not working and being a stay at home mum. There should be no judgement from women of women – it’s tough enough out there with all the pressures, without doing it to ourselves too.

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After having an IVF baby 15 years ago, Suzy went on to have 2 further babies in quick succession naturally and had 3 under 5! She spent 15 years as a stay-at-home Mum before becoming a Personal Trainer. Susan is now running a successful PT business, where she helps people from 17 – 70. There is no judgement and believes it’s all about creating a community and after a class everyone is encouraged to have a chat and get to know each other.

She started this journey as her children were older and she felt she had 2 choices; “stay in the grey and become invisible” as her job was almost redundant at home, or start something else. Someone said to her that it was impossible to get a six-pack at 50 and so her journey began and it has developed into a passion to help women develop a better sense of self and fitness.

What advice would you give based on your experience? Suzy’s philosophy is to take every day on its own merit. What happened yesterday is past, today is a new day.

Along the way, try not to give in to peer pressure and support each other’s choices.

Asked “How can women better enable each other” her reply was “More truthfulness in our conversations, whether you are a Mum at home talking to your children or a businesswoman talking to another woman, share the truth. We tend to make out that everything is going wonderfully, children are perfect, job and career is amazing, so happy – but sometimes a little more honesty about the challenges we are facing as “humans”, could help another who is struggling and could offer insight as to how others cope.

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Jenny grew up in a country town, where her parents owned and ran the local pool and the caravan park. Knowing that the technology emerging in the 80’s wasn’t the path for her, Jenny chose to work in youth welfare. She worked in juvenile jails, before beginning community work. Jenny is passionate about her long-held role, managing the Studio Village Community Centre, where they provide a range of centre-based support services to families, children, and young people. Jenny works hard to offer programs and individual support to people of all ages and backgrounds.

When asked about how women are perceived and how we can support one another, Jenny says “by allowing ourselves and other women to enjoy and embrace our femininity. To feel that we shouldn’t be made to feel inferior for being women or mothers”. Her role models are women that she works with. Some are 2 or 3 decades older than her and they have lived full lives with a wealth of skills and knowledge to pass on.

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