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People usually try and credit my good skin to one of two things - my English genes (and lack of UK sunshine) or an assumption that I spend every day in the clinic having treatments - they would be wrong on both counts.

The reality is, during my time in Hong Kong I, was (like many Aussies), guilty of piling on coconut oil to deepen my tan and of spending all day out in the sun without any sunscreen at all. I vividly remember the many occasions when I had a full body of weeping blisters that would stick to the sheets at night. I had my first BCC cut out in my 20's and still have a section of skin that was so badly burned it never pigmented again.

And while yes, I do have treatments they are far from excessive. I spend every day in at the ISSADA factory and rarely get "me" time. We have clients who visit the clinic far more often than I do!

I do, however, have some non-negotiables for my own treatments:

1. Time is precious If I do manage to get in for a treatment, then it has to be worthwhile. I would always choose an Advanced Microdermabrasion / Peel / HIFU / Fractional RF over a soft facial or a relaxing massage. I'm all about results.

2. Mix up the treatments. Combination treatments are 100% the best way to go for optimum results. If there were just one machine that did everything, I wouldn't need the vast array of equipment we have. Each modality/technology treats different issues/ different depths of skin and combination over time is where we see the best results. This needn't be expensive, and we have treatment plans that cost less than a cup of coffee a day.

3. Use only the best skincare and ensure that you swap products according to the seasons which do affect our skin. Of course, I do use ISSADA, but while you might think I'm biased, just remember ISSADA was born from the experience of founding and growing the Australian Skin Clinic Franchise, treating over a million clients. It specifically addresses all the common skin concerns on every skin type, age and skin colour seen during that time.

Below I have detailed the three stages of treatments that I've had. Correction of Asymmetry (because symmetry y is what make women attractive, Correction of poor skin texture and tone, and then maintenance. 

Of course, we tailor all our treatment plans to the individual, but these are an example of how we can address your aesthetic concerns.

Correction of poor texture & tone

I had always had what I would describe as "sensitive" skin and had been plagued with rosacea since I was in my early teens. My skin was almost always "rashy" with annoying bumps and dry areas along with red and angry areas. 

By the time I was 44 I also had strong red veins around the sides of my nose and chin, a few broken ones around my eye area and some patchy pigmentation caused through sun damage. Although I had almost never worn sunscreen before, when I moved to Australia I decided I should but annoyingly, because it was largely zinc based that made me breakout too - something I had never really experienced before.

The Treatment Plan 
Addressing Poor Texture & Tone

1. Skincare Upgrade

Until I bought the clinic I had not used much skincare at all. As a rosacea sufferer I had been told by my GP to "leave it alone" and not to use soap or anything other than water to cleanse my face. I now know just makes a breeding ground for bacteria which aggravates rosacea even more. 

My new skincare regimen included using AHA/BHA's, Glycolic Scrub and eve Retinol and as a result be skin became more resilient.

2.Fraxel Laser Rejuvenation

I needed just three treatments, each 4 weeks apart, to reduce the pigmentation, and to resurface and smooth the skin by encouraging cell turnover and peeling off of the surface layers.

Back then the Fraxel was less advanced than it is now and with the upgraded Fraxel we now treat Melasma at the same time.  

2. Treatment for facial veins

This requires a different type of laser and again only three treatments saw the veins vanish. Since then, (within the last 5 years) I've had maybe another three treatments but on different areas as new veins appear. There can be a genetic predisposition to fragile veins which I probably have.

3. IPL for Redness / Rosacea

Again, only three treatments here. IPL (also known as a photo-facial or foto-facial) is a versatile treatment which helps to close down the tiny capillaries close to the surface of the skin and which give the glowing red look.

Again, since then I've had the odd extra treatment - every couple of years to keep the redness in check.

Correction of asymmetry

Very few people are born with a perfectly symmetrical face - Angelina Jolie is alleged to have been and that is what makes her so beautiful.

I was definitely not evenly balanced, and the right side of my face was much flatter than the left. This can often be related to the side you lay on the most in your mother's room and even from always sleeping on one side later. I also had a downturned mouth and one eye smaller than the other.

As this was a "structural" problem, it needed non-surgical support to lift my cheeks up, increase the volume of the smaller side and to turn the corners of my mouth up. My eyes look better but one is still smaller - just not as obviously.


The Treatment Plan 
Addressing Asymmetry

1. Correction of Asymmetry 

A tailored plan of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement. There is no one size fits all here and it is essential to have a consultation to assess your needs and to quote appropriately.

My treatments took place over a period of time. Some last only three months or so but others give longer lasting results.

An estimate of treatments that year at today's prices would be around $5,000 - $6,000 spread across a 12-month period.

2. Retinol Peels

Since 2008 I have had on average 1-2 Retinol Peels each year (This our Advanced Anti-Ageing & Pigmentation Peel). It is almost impossible not to get some sun damage living in Australia. I never sunbathe and always use sunscreen when outdoors, but sometimes incidental sun exposure is unavoidable. This is where this peel is a skin-saver. It really does shed lots of layers of skin, bringing fresh, bright new skin to the surface.


Maintenance is important. Having got my skin to where I want it to be I am now keen to keep it there. 

Maintenance Plan

1. Skincare - Issada

I swap this up depending on the season or if I'm travelling. Generally, my skin likes the humid weather the most and is more prone to being "difficult" in the drier Australian winter season. 

As you might expect my Rosacea is often more evident in the hotter seasons, but it is also triggered by spicy food and red wine so depending so requires summer months and in the winter months I suffer more from dry skin. 

2. Ultimate Microdermabrasion - 6 per year

3. Fractional RF - 3 Per year

4. Ultimate Anti-Ageing / Pigment Peel - 1 Per year

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