21 May

Injectables 101 – Everything you need to know for a fresher look

Are you still happy with your injectables?

Or do you need a new consultation for a fresher look?

Over time, we notice that clients have a changed expectation of their injectables and yet its something they can’t quite put their finger on to describe. Frustrating, isn’t it?

The ideal injectable treatment is one that enhances your features, knocks a few years off your appearance and adds to your attractiveness. Sounds a lot to ask but it can be achieved – it’s just knowing where to start!

The number one consideration is your facial anatomy and how your own body is responding to ageing. That 1ml of filler treatment that you had may have had in nasolabial folds five years ago may not be enough now that you are five years older. In fact, nasolabial folds are rarely treated these days as new products, and new techniques have pretty much eliminated this treatment because we now know that lifting the cheek is a better option in the majority of cases!

Similarly, as we age, we need to change your anti-wrinkle dosages and placement to counteract the effects of ageing and gravity on the face.

Some injectable treatment areas that you may not know we offer, include:
Dermal Filler brow Lift
Uplift a sad mouth
Smooth wrinkles on the chin
3 Point cheek lift
8 Point facelift
Jaw refinement
Anti-Sweat injections


To book a review of your treatment plan with Micheal or Trudy call 07 5613 1595


Our team is growing…

Meet RN Cosmetic Injector Micheal

Micheal is a Registered Nurse Injector and has been in the clinical industry for over 7 years and has since developed a passion for facial aesthetics.
Having gained extensive experience and local knowledge Micheal is devoted to the journey of helping you achieve your aesthetic goals and recognising that how we look ultimately affects how we feel.

Come in and see Micheal for a complimentary consultation.


RN Cosmetic Injector Trudy 

Trudy began her career as a Beauty Therapist where she acquired a deep knowledge of skin and treatments. After 20 years Trudy took a brave decision to switch careers and train as a nurse before pursuing her new career in Cosmetic Injecting.

She has worked in a number of clinics on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and we are lucky to have her join the expanding Ultimate team.

Come in and see Trudy for a complimentary consultation.


Introducing our new 3D Facial Analyser


Our Observe 3D analyser allows you to see your face in 3D before and after your treatments.

Ask for a complimentary Observ Consultation when you make your next appointment.


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