23 Jul

How I cleared my Cystic Acne

My journey to clearer skin

Hello, I’m Sarah and I am the 2IC at Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic. I am usually the person you speak to on the phone, or who greets you at your appointments. I have a background in Business and Marketing and fell into this industry by pure luck. Although always suffering from skin issues myself, I never knew there was a clinic out there like us to help. If it wasn’t for finding this job 2 years ago, I would have no knowledge about the skin, treatments, and products we have available to help.

Where it started

Since I was 15, I have always suffered from some form of acne, I had severe cystic acne from the ages of 15-16 years old. Hormonal breakouts and to adult acne at 19 years old, to now where I still suffer from hormonal/poor diet acne and breakouts on my chin. I was never educated on skincare, my dad (who also has suffered from cystic acne) always just told me to scrub or use salicylic acid but would never purchase proper skincare, I usually chose whatever was on special at Woolworths and contained salicylic acid.

It wasn’t until I started working in the industry over 2 years ago as a receptionist that I started to really grasp the knowledge of skin, acne and the importance of good skincare. My acne in my mid-twenties has never been bad, but I do still get the occasional breakout. After having an in-depth skin consultation and being educated by the technicians at the clinic, they recommended I started on a skincare regime using the products available in the clinic.

What to expect

Initially, I found that the products made me break out, although I was expecting it as the technician told me this would happen. This is what we call ‘purging’ which is a sign that the active ingredients in your new skincare range are working to make changes to your skin (which is exactly what you want!). My skin did get worse before it got better, as the active ingredients pushed all my underlying congestion to the surface.

The worst part of the skin purge lasted around 2 weeks, with the occasional breakout still appearing up to 4-8 weeks. After that, my skin calmed down dramatically and I started to see a noticeable difference in my skin.

I noticed I was breaking out less, my blackheads reduced, my pores looked clearer and smaller, my makeup started to look better and last longer! I even started leaving the house bare face and make-up free, I just felt more confident! All this just from switching my skincare products!

Take control of your skin

If you have been struggling with a skin concern and are not sure where to start or feel like you have tried everything, come into Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic for an in-depth consultation with one our experienced technicians. We have over 22 years’ experience Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic is one of the most experienced

An in-depth skin consultation will allow the technician to provide you with a no-risk, no-obligation in-person assessment and give you advice on the right products and treatments for your skin.

It can be daunting to come into the clinic for the first time, but from someone who has been in your shoes, has been self-conscious of their skin, and was afraid to be makeup-free in front of the technician – I can assure you that all of us at Ultimate come with our own skin issues and want to help you on the right path to start your skin journey!

See you at the clinic soon!
Sarah, 2IC Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic

P.S. Make sure you let me know when you see me next if you’ve read this post 😊

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