25 Oct

Gender Bias: His & Her Preferences in Cosmetic Treatments

Whether you’re a she, he, or they, you can’t escape your skin’s need for cosmetic treatments. There’s never been a time when our faces have been more scrutinised…by prospective employers, potential dates, and especially ourselves. The experts at Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic are attuned to our patients’ unique aesthetic concerns and have up to the minute solutions for the treatments men and women want most.

What may surprise you is that everyone seems to want to focus on three key areas:

  • Ageing and sun damaged skin
  • Ageing of the midface area
  • Thin lips

She Wants to Soften Lines, He Wants to Smooth Skin

Women have the distinct advantage of being able to use make-up to contour their faces and hide age-related imperfections. That being said, skin rejuvenation is a top priority for women of all ages. “The Ultimate anti-ageing microdermabrasion treatment is one of our most popular facial rejuvenation options for women,” reports clinic owner Deb Farnworth-Wood. It is an effective and quick way to:

  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce sun damage
  • Build collagen and plump skin

Men’s faces are under daily attack from their razor blades. Once soft as a baby’s bottom, men’s facial skin texture becomes coarse over time and a source of deep concern. Chemical peels are a fast, effective way to smooth things over. “Men feel comfortable with peels because they work fast and there are no injections, so they don’t feel like they’re having work done,” reports the New York Times in an article titled “Are You Man Enough for a Peel?” Available in a variety of strengths, peels address men’s skin concerns

  • Smooth coarse skin
  • Decrease enlarged pores
  • Improve skin tone
  • Combat active acne, blackheads and bumps

Cheeky Little Monkeys: She Wants Plump, He Wants Flat

The ideal female cheek is described as round, full, and pinch-able, just like an adorable baby. Over time, gravity and reduced collagen production add years to that pretty baby face, making cheek enhancement a top priority for women. Dermal fillers are an excellent way to restore youth without surgery. When administered by Ultimate’s expert injectors, dermal fillers can

  • Redefine cheek bones
  • Lift the mid-face

Men are not oblivious to the appeal of a well-shaped cheek. According to The Differences in Rejuvenation Approaches between the Male and Female Face, however, authors say men want to replace lost volume and maintain a flatter, more angular cheek contour. (We can do that, too!)

His & Hers Lip Service

Whether speaking at the head of a boardroom table or whispering across the pillow, a woman’s lips get a great deal of attention. They also get a great deal of punishment from the sun, heat, cold, and (of course) the passage of time. Dermal fillers are used to rejuvenate ageing lips, another key area of concern for women. “There’s no need to fear the over-filled fish lips you see in tabloids,” Deb assures patients at Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic. “Our team is meticulously trained and well-experienced in the nuances of lip enhancement.” Dermal fillers can:

  • Reduce lines
  • Restore lost volume
  • Create a classic Cupid’s bow mouth (1:2 ratio between top line and outer thirds of the bottom lip)

Interestingly, researchers at the Freiburg Medical Centre in Germany found ageing changes to the lips are similar in men and women, but the extent of the changes is less striking in men. (How nice for them.) Still, men want their mouths to look young, too, not to mention kissable. Rather than focusing on plumping, however, men want to regain the naturally full lip shape they have lost. Small amounts of filler are administered to define the lips. “For men, the goal is a 1:1 ratio between the top line and outer thirds of the bottom lip, rather than a Cupid’s bow,” explains Deb. Other goals for male lip enhancement include:

  • Add structure and definition
  • Create symmetry

Ultimate Understands What Men & Women Want

Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic takes pride in offering a superlative patient experience from the moment you contact us. You’ll enjoy V.I.P. treatment from our dedicated staff whose only goal is your ultimate satisfaction.

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