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The décolletage is a delicate area, prone to sun damage and stretching - it often gives away your true age. We are rarely as vigilant as we should be when taking care of the décolletage. The skin i... Read More


The neck area is by far one of the biggest age give-aways and is often overlooked when we are maintaining our skin. In addition, the skin on the neck is prone to stretching with weight gain and wrinkl... Read More

Chin Area

In our experience chins are often low on the priority list in terms of facial rejuvenation You may not think of your as an area that succumbs to aging, but with the loss of tissue volume and skin elas... Read More

Jaw Line

One of the major signs of ageing is that the lower part of the face (jawline) and also the neck and chin areas lose their sharp definition. Luckily we have treatments that assist with this. Treatm... Read More

Mouth Area

When people speak to us their eyes usually scan our eyes and our mouth, so it is of no surprise that these two areas are the ones that we receive the most consultations for. Treatments for the mouth a... Read More


As we age the malar fat pads in the cheeks start to move downwards in turn making our face look tired around the eyes and increasing the skin around our jowls, deepening our nasolabial fold (the creas... Read More

Eye Area

The skin around the eye is the most delicate on our face. It easily stretches, forms wrinkles and ages quickly. We have a number of treatments that assist to rejuvenate the eye area including: For... Read More

Frown/Nose Area

Modern technology and scowling at the screen all day is causing deeper frown lines than we have seen previously. The best treatment for the frown area is anti-wrinkle injections which will assist in m... Read More


A well-defined brow has the capacity to take years off your overall appearance. As we age, we tend to develop hoods below the brow and in some cases, these cause sagging over the eye. Non-surgical cor... Read More


As we age the temples tend to thin and the indent becomes more pronounced. This areas is sometimes referred to as a “peanut head” because it resembles the shape of the middle of a peanut in its s... Read More


The skin on the forehead is tougher than the skin around the eyes but still thin compared to other areas such as your cheek. The most common forehead concerns expressed by our clients are: Pigmenta... Read More
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